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    Cost affective heating solutions

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    Reduce your carbon footprint.

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    Energy Efficient

    Cost savings on energy bills.

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    Easy installation. Easy Use. Easy Savings.

Eco Friendly. Cost Saving. Energy Efficient

Heat pumps are famed for their high-energy efficiency and environmentally friendly benefits, and the use of such systems is becoming commonplace among homeowners and businesses alike. If you are considering a heat pump for your property then please browse around our featured packed site. Here at heatpumps.fr we have information on everything from the buying process right through to the installation process. We also have a select few accredited suppliers listed who have been in the industry for at least 10+ years and deliver a product which is second to none. If you have any questions or if you just want to chat about anything heat pump or thermal heating related then please feel free to get in touch with one our friendly team today.

About Us


We are a team of professionals that bring you all the latest information on heat pumps and thermal solutions as well as accredited suppliers close to you. Our aim is to provide you, our valued customer, with a complete solution for commercial and residential system consisting of the best in current solar and heat pump technologies.

Our Services


We aim to bring you the leading market information on all heat pump and thermal solution products. We work closely with accredited suppliers that have been in the business for 10+ years and have a solid track record. We only deliver the best at heatpumps.fr.

Our Works


Our accredited suppliers are able to deliver the best quality product with great cost savings to the customer. Our suppliers are proficient in everything from small retail builds all the way up to large government and corporate tenders. Delivering a top quality long lasting product.

Our Products


Our suppliers stock products to suit all needs. Including domestic and commercial units used for heating. As well as pool heating units and aquaculture and agriculture units. Get in touch with one of our friendly team today who will be more than happy to help with sourcing the right product for you.